Tis the season to reassess wellbeing at work  

Christmas wellbeing

The ACE team have been ploughing full speed ahead to the end of 2023 and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking forward to downing the office tools for a well-earned break with whanau and friends.

How have you balanced work and life this year? Have you managed to effectively juggle your paid work and the other activities you care about? Have your work commitments dominated your mind? Or has work-induced stress got the better of you?

For professional services consultants, reassessing work-life balance during the festive season presents a unique challenge and opportunity. The nature of consultancy often involves tight deadlines and client demands, but the Christmas break can be a good chance to critically evaluate priorities – for yourself and the people you lead.

Clients, too, often understand the importance of striking the balance between meeting professional commitments and taking a break. No doubt you all want to create an atmosphere conducive to negotiating flexible schedules and accommodating reasonable time off. This period can be a catalyst for redefining project timelines and setting realistic expectations.

In a recent Mindspace survey, ACE members reported on the systems and structures they have in place to support the mental health and wellbeing of their people. We asked members how they identified risks in this area and, of the 43 respondents, the majority (74%) had some tools in place, with 47% undertaking workload assessments and 44% undertaking engagement surveys – many doing both.

We also asked what firms did to minimise and eliminate risks to mental health and wellbeing. Sixty per-cent had relevant health and wellbeing policies in place, such as anti-bullying and harassment policies.

The majority (79%) allowed for flexible or remote working options, workload planning (72%) and just over 50% also analysed workplace data such as sick leave. Only 9% didn’t have anything in place, most of which were firms with less than 20 people.

As the holiday season unfolds and workplaces deck the halls with festive decorations, it’s an opportune time to reassess and prioritise wellbeing at work. The convergence of year-end deadlines and the spirit of celebration should prompt a reflection on the delicate balance between professional responsibilities and personal health.

Reassessing wellbeing at work sets the stage for a more resilient and productive workforce in the coming year. Reflect on the efficacy of existing wellness programmes, identify areas for improvement, and tailor initiatives to address evolving employee needs. This could result in a workplace culture that prioritises not only the output but the holistic health and satisfaction of your team members.

In conclusion, ’tis the season to reassess wellbeing at work, recognising that a harmonious blend of professional and personal life is not just a seasonal indulgence but a year-round necessity. As workplaces adorn themselves with the festive spirit, the true gift lies in fostering an environment where employees thrive, finding joy in both their professional contributions and the personal celebrations that make this season so special.

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