Do a stocktake and evaluate

The Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, together with Leading Safety, have designed a Framework to help organisations make sense of how to meet their legal obligations to prevent harm at work. It provides a holistic approach to understanding mental health and wellbeing at work, helping organisations understand how they can help people who are struggling, as well as how they can proactively build resilience and help people to thrive.

Before implementing new wellbeing activities, it is helpful to review the activities your organisation is already doing.

To do a stocktake, we suggest using the Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework  to identify the health and wellbeing activities your organisation already has in place and consider where there are gaps.

An effective mental health and wellbeing strategy will have activities in all four areas of the Framework.

Ensuring you have a good picture of where your current activities sit will help ensure you are focusing your resources where they are needed, across all four areas of the framework, and help you better plan where to invest your resources.


Use these approaches to prevent harm.
  • Protect
    Identify risks to mental health and wellbeing. Eliminate or minimise at source where practicable, and design in protective factors.
  • Support
    Provide access to appropriate workplace and clinical support.


Use these approaches to help people thrive.

  • Foster
    Develop the mental health and wellbeing capability of individuals and teams.

  • Reclaim
    Restore the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and teams.

PROTECT // FOSTER: Use proactively to build resilience
RECLAIM // SUPPORT: Use reactively once harm has occurred to restore health and wellbeing.
Wellbeing framework diagram
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