Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework

Developed by the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum and organisational psychologist Dr Hillary Bennett of Leading Safety, the Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework helps business leaders and organisations to make sense of how to meet obligations to prevent mental harm at work.

The framework offers a holistic approach to workplace design that looks beyond just reducing or eliminating risks in the workplace and providing people with help when harm has occurred, to providing people with support and building resilience to proactively protect people from harm.

There are four approaches in the framework which cover the areas businesses can work in to support and protect their people affected by mental ill-health, as well as the areas businesses can proactively work in to protect and foster mental health at work.

An effective mental health and wellbeing strategy will use all four approaches.


Use these approaches to prevent harm.
  • Protect
    Identify risks to mental health and wellbeing. Eliminate or minimise at source where practicable, and design in protective factors.
  • Support
    Provide access to appropriate workplace and clinical support.


Use these approaches to help people thrive.

  • Foster
    Develop the mental health and wellbeing capability of individuals and teams.

  • Reclaim
    Restore the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and teams.

PROTECT // FOSTER: Use proactively to build resilience
RECLAIM // SUPPORT: Use reactively once harm has occurred to restore health and wellbeing.
Wellbeing framework diagram
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