Wellbeing Strategy

Knowing where to start with your organsisations mental health journey can be hard.

Our research shows many organisations don’t have a wellbeing strategy or overarching plan in place. While many refer to wellbeing within a health and safety policy or a broader business strategy, it’s important to ensure your organisation is taking a planned approach to managing psychosocial factors and ensuring you’re meeting legal obligations.

You don’t need to redesign your entire strategy.

While it may not be necessary to develop an entirely new strategy, it’s important to reflect on the goals of the current strategy, what your key areas of focus are, and whether they adequately address all four aspects of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework.

Even if you don’t have a separate strategy, it is important to demonstrate a commitment to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

To help you, Leading Safety have developed a wellbeing statement that you can use or adapt to fit your own business. Having a high-level statement is a useful tool to help you reflect on your current situation in identifying areas your business can improve.

Circulating your strategy or statement and relevant policies to your employees is a good process to open a dialogue about the area, identify areas where you can improve, and ensure your employees are aware of the policies or strategy that is in place, and to get buy-in. When identifying which interventions you invest in, ensuring employee consultation will be important to ensure interventions offered meet the needs of your employees.

Here are some other helpful resources to help you get started:

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